Affilated to CBSE, Affiliation no. : 1030100, School Code : 50045

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The library is a pivot point for all reading and reference material, cultural activities, literary discussions, small seminars, access of information, knowledge building and discussions. It is a centre for learning and has a key role in fostering the love for reading. It also provides scholars and mentors with all possible resources required for teaching and learning. The school library caters to the requirement of all students from 3 to 18 years. It has a range of academic books for different subjects. Also, fiction and non-fiction books including classics, are available for all age groups.


We have well equipped laboratories with customized equipment to cater to the requirements of different curricula and scholars of different age groups. The Laboratories are designed keeping in mind the materials being used, safety regulations and ventilation systems. They are spacious and have provision for conducting lectures as well. We have spacious Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Coding and Mathematics Labs.

Drinking water

The school has its own Centralized RO System with Chiller Unit. Every corner of school is supplied with RO water which is 100% safe for drinking.


The multi-purpose air-conditioned hall is the hub of all important activities of the school with the seating capacity of approximately 1000 students. It occupies an enviable position as far as the infrastructure facilities are concerned. The latest lights and sound effects make it possible for the teachers and students to venture into newer forays by putting up some of the best in-house productions, organize various competitions, hold workshops, to name just a few. Undoubtedly, the auditorium caters to the multi-dimensional approach to learning.

Science Activitiy Centres

Well-equipped labs each for Computers, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, AI & Robotics and Mathematics have been set up. A separate reference section and computerised learning with internet facility has been provided, so that the children cannot only experiment whatever they have learnt but also collect more information on it. Virtual labs are in existence. An integrated well equipped Science Activity Centre – SAC has been set up for Primaries and Middles where the young minds can explore and use their little hands for learning by doing.

The school has a fleet of buses equipped with GPS, Speed Governor etc. as per instructions by the Honourable Supreme Court. The transport could be availed, depending on the availability of the seat. However, providing the school conveyance shall not be taken as responsibility of the school. The parents are free to bring their child to school on their own. Therefore, before seeking registration, kindly get ensured about the availability of seat and the bus plies on the route desired by you.

DO YOU KNOW HOW CONCERNED WE ARE ABOUT THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS?• 24 Beeghas of Sylvan surrounding with 12 feet high boundary wall, loaded with razor blade fencing at the top.
• The access to school building by outsider / visitors is controlled and monitored at 3 levels of security.
• More than 200 IP CCTV cameras to keep an eye on the activities around the school round the clock with defined display room.
• Constant watch on monitors by staff on duty during the entire timing of the school.
• From the beginning of the school till closing, mandatory regular female staff member on each floor.
• Regular rounds are taken by the core team members on each floor and around the campus to see no child is bunking the classes.
• Mandatory police verification of the staff.
• Making sure that the male staff who work here have undergone safety and security check.
• Periodical checkup, as and when required, of the drivers through DIGITAL BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYSER(in case of slightest doubt).
• Mandatory, female maid employee outside the washrooms.
• Separate rest rooms for outer staff, outside school building.
• No child is allowed to enter the washroom during the sweeping and cleaning of the washroom.