Affilated to CBSE, Affiliation no. : 1030100, School Code : 50045

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Oxford Public School is “the first Bagless school of India Estd. in 1992”. Affiliated to CBSE, the school has been honoured with the tag line “CBSE New Generation School” by Chairman, CBSE. The school is Co-educational school which endeavours to prepare leaders of the 21st century. We believe children are not just roll numbers; they are unique individuals, having infinite potential. Keeping the child in focus we filter all our decisions and actions. We are committed to a unique learning approach and an “Effortless Learning” environment that helps children become lifelong learners. Emphasis is laid on Loyalty, Truth, Honour which is the motto of the school. Managed by Oxford Shiksha Samiti, Oxford Public School imparts modern education of incomparable high standards at comparatively reasonable and moderate cost.


Our Philosophy

Every child is unique. It is well known fact that no two thumb prints are alike. So is the case with every child.One way of teaching does not work for every child. We need to teach the way they learn, not force them to learn the way we teach. We forge ahead to make each child committed, accountable and responsible. We instill in them compassion, integrity, respect and ethics. We develop in our scholars optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, concern for justice and an idealism, which will metamorphose into growth, and a global perspective that they should carry as young adults. We conduct ourselves with openness and candour in all aspects of our work. We clearly state our intentions and grant access to information as well as facilitate interactions between teachers and parents. It is also our mission and vision that all our students, teachers, principal, parents and management synergise together in thought and action in the common quest for self-discovery and self-learning.


To educate, enable and enlighten the generation of today of the challenges of tomorrow, through leading educators empowered by world class infrastructure & technology, driven by visionary leadership.


To create responsible citizens who will make great contribution in building india.