Affilated to CBSE, Affiliation no. : 1030100, School Code : 50045

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Every leading study shows that academic grades, study habits, and school-based behaviour- all improve when children attend regular sports and co-curricular activities in the form of different clubs that cater to children of all levels at the school.

These clubs stem from an interest or a hobby and we ensure that all our students have a wide range to select from. They provide opportunities for children to participate in various activities and interact with peers who have similar interests. The social aspect and the autonomy of clubs also appeal to the students and provide motivation as well as opportunities to expand their knowledge.

Offerings for session 2023-24 : –

  • Shashwat – Health & Wellness Club
  • Sanskriti – Heritage Club
  • Nerd Herd – Computer Club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • MUN Club
  • Happy Bookers – Reading Club
  • Katha – The Literary Club
  • Avni – Eco Club
  • Oxford Gravity Centre – Science & Quiz Club
  • Mahalanobis QC Club
  • Persona Club
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club
  • Peer Mentor Club
  • Integrity Club