Play School


Your child's pre primary education is a major decision. Where you see a bundle of joy ; we see potential for greatness. Have you ever wondered if your bundle of joy is receiving the best pre primary education available? Choosing the best pre primary school for the apple of your eye need not be difficult now. Why not choose a school where your child is nurtured and valued, so that his/her formative years are strengthened ? Our small personalized classes will ensure that your ward is nurtured and valued while inspirational, innovative teaching strategies will encourage the development of independent learning and thinking abilities. Our vibrant school environment offers exceptional opportunities. Your precious one will learn leading edge digital technology and with a diverse range of sports and extra curricular opportunities, he/she will turn out to be an "out of box" thinker, seeking for "n" number of solutions. Our pre school programme is designed to encourage your child's growing curiosity and encourage him or her to learn under the guidance of qualified and motivated educators. The school environment will engage your child to make discoveries and develop their concentration. Your child will learn to respect and celebrate the efforts of others, to cooperate with other children, to take care of themeselves, others and their environment. We believe that when a child is placed in a stimulating environment, his/her natural curiosity helps him/her become self-motivated, joyful learner. We would like to follow the interests of the child to support self-discovery. We, at Oxford Public School, belive in "learning for life". We want your child to be prepared not only for school but for life. To achieve this, we encourage your child to observe, question, investigate and reflect. Your child will be empowered to make active choices and become independent thinker and decision maker.

World Class Campus

A wi-fi enabled campus with spacious, air conditioned, E-classrooms and multimedia library forms the backbone of the academic infrastructure. Strategically placed surveillance cameras enable monitoring and ensures the 24 X 7 security of the campus.

Multimedia Library

Multimedia library contains not only electronic books and magazines but videos (Movies, Documentaries) and sound recordings (Music, Audios).

Conveyance Facility

The school has a fleet of buses equipped with GPS, Speed Governor etc. as per instructions by the Honourable Supreme Court. The transport could be availed, depending on the availability of the seat. However, providing the school conveyance shall not be taken as responsibility of the school. The parents are free to bring their child to school on their own. Therefore, before seeking registration, kindly get ensured about the availability of seat and the bus plies on the route desired by you.