Educational Tour


The school believes that environmental and cultural heritage studies form an integral part of modern education. The school advocates that such exposure to real life environment through excursions / fields trips does account for holistic and comprehensive learning. There's no more distinctive or eye-opening way to prepare students for a rewarding future. With India poised to take centre stage in the global economy, it is essential for students to gain the international experience that will allow them to maximize their potential. That's why itineraries of Oxford Public School are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, build character, develop leadership skills and enhance cultural sensitivity. As students explore the world, they gain the skills they need to succeed in a future with global dimensions. A group of students had visited NASA: ORLANDO and CAPE CANAVERAL USA. They had the opportunity to visit NASA Kennedy Space Centre, space shuttle launch pads, Shuttle landing facility, Vehicles Assembly building and NASA Crawler transporter. They also visited the Astronauts Hall of Fame. The students were invited to participate in the ATX (Astronauts Training Experience) in which they simulated a mock shuttle mission. A group of students had the privilege of visiting LONDON.